Hi! I’m Lynn Joaquin. I've been an Administrator at American Pet Hospital for the last 16 years.

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Lynn Joaquin

Lynn Joaquin is a Lead Administrator here and is a part-time groomer. She has been with us since 1998 and has been in the Veterinary industry since 1973. Prior to working at American Pet Hospital, she was a full-time groomer. She has formal education in grooming school. She says she has been passionate about working with animals her entire life… “you have to love animals to love this job.” Outside of her work, she says she enjoys doing animal rescue, and placing animals into new homes. Though she loves the practice, she says the only issue she has with the Veterinary industry is that she believes that dog grooming should be a licensed profession. They’ve been trying to pass that law since she began grooming in 1973. “In other words, I wouldn’t want a non-professional groomer to work on my dog.

You shouldn’t be able to open a grooming shop without training. I believe it’s as important as a veterinarian to be licensed. It plays an important part that we’re not here for just the money, that you have not been trained with a video, and thats what alot of places do, they train with just a video. And there’s alot more to it than that. There’s alot more than you can learn on a video.” In terms of her experience, she is probably one of the more qualified staff members here at APH. She has quite a few pets herself, including cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and iguanas.

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