Cat Wellness Plans

You have taken the first step to having a wonderful companion and friend. It is important to do everything you can to make sure he or she grows up strong, healthy and happy.

Our Meridian Cat Wellness Plans helps you keep up with your pet’s changing health care needs – monitoring vital organ functions, detecting early signs of potential problems such as arthritis, and giving you every opportunity to help keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible in its prime of life.

  • Plan Type
  • Price
  • Comprehensive Physical Exam
  • All Necessary Vaccinations
  • Feline Leukemia/Aids Test
  • Parasite Fecal Exams
  • Deworming
  • Nail Trims
  • Urinalysis with Sedimentation
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Blood Work Chemistry Screen
  • Blood Work Chemistry Profile
  • Dental Prophylaxis & Cleaning
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Unlimited Free Office Visits
  • Silver Plan

    Basic Essentials

  • $35/ month
    For the bare necessities

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  • Gold Plan

    Active Prevention

  • $50/ month
    Most popular plan

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  • Platinum Plan

    Total Care

  • $65/ month
    For total and complete care

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